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Equality for the LGBT community is far from close. They are denied many opportunities that straight people have, such as, the right to marry, visit their partner in the hospital, work without getting fired, or even fight for our country. There are countless others that I’m sure many of you and myself don’t know because we are naive to the situation. We don’t know what they go through, we only hear heart-breaking stories of them not being accepted and it’s not right.

A specific organization that is representing the LGBT community in fighting for their rights is the Human Rights Campaign, an advocacy civil rights organization whose effort’s are to help change discriminating laws such as the ones listed above. Two people in my family circle are fighting to help change people’s perspective on the LGBT community as well as fighting for their equal rights- one going through these struggles everyday and the other who just wants to simply see her sister get married one day and not have it be dismissed depending on the state she goes to.

Karla (left) Daniela (right)

Yes, Karla could get married in states such as NH, CT, NY, IA, VT, MA and DC, but as soon as you go to a state that it is not legal your marriage is basically a null marriage- as if it never existed. Can you imagine that?

Both Daniela and her sister Karla are running the Marine Corps Marathon on October 28th and although Daniela reached her goal of $1,500 to run, her sister is just shy of $100 to run along with her number one supporter- Daniela.

Please help in making a donation even if it’s a DOLLAR! Every donation can be a tax right off if that helps!

Click on her page and donate whatever you can DONATE TO KARLA

And although Daniela has reached her goal you can always donate more 🙂 DONATE TO DANIELA

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