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Royalton Riviera Cancun Resort

*Our trip to Royalton Riviera Cancun Resort was sponsored by Royalton Riviera Cancun*

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ARRIBA! It’s finally here– our trip to Royalton Riviera Cancun and all you need to know. I originally wasn’t going to do a blog post about our trip since I vlogged our experience their for 5 days, but since I didn’t mention much about the resort and all they offer, what better way to do so than in blog form?

Royalton has different locations besides just Cancun. They have locations in Cuba, Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, Jamaica and even more spots around Mexico. We ended up staying at the Royalton Riviera Cancun and loved how luxurious this all-inclusive hotel was. Let me make mention that the location from the airport to the resort was about 10-15 minutes! Although Royalton is family friendly, my boyfriend and I decided to do our first couples trip without our kids.

Bedroom Suites at the Resort

There are many bedroom suites to choose from depending on what you want, and of course, pricing. We had the Luxury Junior Suite. As soon as you open the door you’re immersed with a pleasant scent. Our room had an in-suite Jacuzzi tub, rain shower, sitting area with a pull-out couch and luxury views that overlook either the mangrove, ocean or a semi-private swim out pool! We didn’t have the swim-out pool, but MY GOSH! They looked fun.

You can also do plenty outside the resort if you’d like which you can view here. We ended up staying at the resort and still had a fun time thanks to all their’s to do at Royalton Riviera Cancun.

Pool Area and Kid’s Pool

There are tons to do to hang and relax like the countless numbers of pools available; Signature Pool, Kids Pool, Splash Park, Diamond Club, Royalton Beach, Pool Infinity Pool, Diamond Club Beach.

Although we didn’t bring our lovely monsters along this trip we did check out the kids “Splash Park.” We figured it was going to be some tiny pool area, but boy were we wrong! The size is quite impressive with different levels, slides, and places to climb it can be a grand ol’ time for the kids. There was also a foam party happening which was adorable and kept thinking about how much fun the kids would have had there (cue the tears).

Also available is a kids club, which you can drop your child off 4 years and older to enjoy some alone time or get your spa on!

For the Foodies

Now, if you’re a foodie like many of us are, you’ll definitely enjoy the eclectic number of cuisines at the Royalton. There are 9 restaurants and 13 bars, so there’s no way you’ll starve or go thirsty for long. We were Diamond members meaning everything was all-inclusive so we can order whatever we wanted! I tried things I never would’ve had it been back home. I even gave Sushi at ZEN and Indian food at Taj a try and guess what? I loved it! There’s more tasty meals to get those taste-buds going like a steakhouse, Mexican, Italian, and Carribean, of course, with vegan options available.

They even had an International Buffet restaurant called Gourmet Marche, which was phenomenal! We ate there every morning for breakfast which had mounds of different kinds of food, even the pickiest eater won’t complain.

If you want to stay in your suite, yet are hungry, no problem you can indulge in some more yummy food while in the comfort of your bed or Jacuzzi tub. There’s a menu on your TV where you’ll be able to order a few options to your room.

Fitness and Wellness

Many resorts have a gym for folks who want to continue their fitness regime while on vacation, but they’re always so simple. Here, they take fitness to a whole other level. Royalton expands its All-In Luxury to include fitness and wellness. There’s a variety of fitness and wellness classes for guests to partake in. I attended sunrise yoga, sunset yoga, kick-boxing, BOGA, and Aqua Dance Fit, but guys there’s so much more! Then you can enjoy a spa treatment to soothe out those sores muscles. For a full list check it out here!

Something else I enjoyed was that there was always entertainment– from live DJS during the day and night, foam parties in the pool, beach volleyball, water polo and more, there’s no way you’ll go stir-crazy. The night-time entertainment was the best. After hanging at the pool it’s nice to sit outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather. What was nice during the night-time entertainment is that a few of the restaurants are located right next to the open-stage so you can enjoy the show while sipping and munching down. Just a heads up– don’t forget to pack some white attire for their Signature White Party!

Overall, I loved Royalton Riviera Cancun! I never went to a resort so this experience was different from our usually traveling adventures. Calming and relaxing for sure, mix gorgeous weather, pool-side areas and delicious food you can’t go wrong. Hoping to go back again!

Have you gone to Royalton? Tell me about your experience below and let me know if you have any specific questions I can answer.

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