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Rose Gold Hair for Fall

rose gold fashion hair

I did it again! I colored my hair and finally a color I wanted– not that I didn’t want my last color. My last color was a safe color– some lighter colors on my hair to eventually warm it up to what I really wanted. I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with PINTEREST, I’m slightly obsessed with it from cooking recipes, styling ideas or hair color, I’m on it 24/7. I may possible have an addiction and I didn’t know it! Well I have a whole board of hair dye ideas I’d love to do ONE DAY, but this one color came across and it was a rose gold color. I instantly loved it and sent the picture to my hair stylist/colorist Nicole and she loved it as much as I did and said I should do it! She’s very convincing– I took the plunge and did it! Also, Nicole recommends getting a glaze every 6 weeks since it’s a fashion tone color (pinks, blue, purples– out there colors)– they usually tend to fade quicker than regular tones.

If you like the look here are the steps she took:
The first step in achieving rose gold hair is pre-lightning the hair.
1- Goldwells oxy and 30 volume to balayage.

I lifted Betsy’s hair to a level 9 ( light blonde) and then used Goldwells express toning to get any unwanted tones in the hair to be even before I apply the elmuen glaze. The express toner will also close the cuticle of the hair so that the hair is moisturized and shiny.

2- Next step is to dry the hair and prepare for the aluminum glaze. I mix a combination of colors to achieve the rose gold color; golds, blondes, pinks and coppers to give the hair dimension. I let the glaze sit on for 30 minutes then wash and condition and lock for five minutes to give the hair some stability so the glaze will not rinse out.

Rose gold formula:
40ml gb@9
10ml sb@10
2 ml pk@all
2 Ml gk@all

Express toner:
9 silver/10 silver

Total: $235

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