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Rock Climbing with Brooklyn Boulders

*I was invited for a day to check out the facility. No monetary compensation was given. All opinions are my own*

Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge

For the past two years now my mother has told all of us that she wants to go sky-diving and rock climbing. I had her get checked out by the doctor to make sure she was able to sky-dive and unfortunately she wasn’t cleared. So I knew without a doubt rock climbing was going to happen and there was no more putting it off. We decided to take my mom out to rock climb at Brooklyn Boulders in Long Island City, it was a new location and close to home for us. Let’s just say my mom was super happy and excited and surprisingly everyone loved it and now want to make this a monthly outing. You can watch the vlog (video) from that day HERE.

I’ve done rock climbing once before when living in Maryland and I did terrible, never reached the top. So seeing my mom climbing the rocks and reaching the top one right after the other was a bit intimidating. They have three types of rock climbing; bouldering, which means rock climbing with no rope; belaying, which means that you are attached by rope to your partner who will help you up and down; then the regular rock climbing where you are attached to a rope and it helps you up and down.

The facility was accommodating for all levels of climbers, snug inside, a two-story (the third story boasts a gym) Queensbridge space. Although the space is not wide open in design the layout etches enough room for everyone to have their own personal space all while enjoying themselves wildly and safely. In addition, Brooklyn Boulder Queensbridge supports the local arts, freeing up space on their walls for one of a kind unique local art pieces.

If you’d like to check it out definitely visit Brooklyn Boulders in Long Island City for day passes or membership! They have a neat event coming up Memorial Day, May 28th, Family Fitness Challenge 10AM-1PM | BBQ 12-4PM. Brooklyn Boulders is hosting a day of food, fun and games: our family fitness challenge in the morning, and a BBQ in the afternoon. Families will have the opportunity to test themselves on our bouldering walls, compete in plank wars, and engage in partner climbs, followed by some serious grill action sponsored by Baroness and LIC Beer Project.

Day passes are $28
Harness/shoe/chalk rentals are $11
Lockers are free to use if you have a lock, but you can buy one at the facility.

Monthly Membership – $115 + one-time $100 activation fee
Student Monthly Membership — $90 + one-time $100 activation fee*

12-Month Prepaid — $1150
Student 12-Month Prepaid – $900*

Family-Monthly Auto-Pay – $115 for first family member with a minimum of two family members ($90for each additional member)

12-Month Family Prepaid – $1150 for first family member with a minimum of two family members
($900 for each additional member)





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