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Road Trip Games

If you're looking for fun games to play in the car, here is a list of the best car games for kids guaranteed to keep them entertained on a road trip, or even just a short car ride.

We’re a family that loves to travel- whether it’s a plane ride away or car ride away. And we go on plenty of car rides. We recently did our yearly camping trip to North-South Lake Campgrounds and had a fabulous time!

Many people really don’t like car rides especially long ones with children who just bring on the nerves. Sure, Barbie dolls, action-figures, coloring books and electronics can keep them num for awhile, but not for long! We like to play some road trip games to keep us connected. So, besides what we play, I did some digging around on the world wide web and of course, I had to share them with you.

  1. One of my favorite games is the ABC game. You ride around and call out anything you see that starts with the letter “A”. From there you go down the alphabet. Everyone plays at the same time, you can make it a points game by just writing down who gets the most.
  2. Get creative inventing a fairy tale. The first person starts with “Once upon a time…” and offers a complete sentence, then the second person adds to the story with their own sentence. This continues with each person until the story reaches a conclusion. Parents
  3. This game is apparently called “20 Questions.” You think of anything that everyone would be ale to guess (think about the age of the kids) and everyone takes turns asking yes-or-no questions. After all 20 questions have been asked by the whole group everyone can start making their guesses.
  4. Play Truth or Dare. This can be played inside the car or just wait for your dare when you get to a rest stop. My 7-year-old loves this game and always does the dare!
  5. “Place Your Bet”- Ask your child to place a bet on something like “In the next 3 minutes, a green car will pass us.” Then you place a bet on something else: “In the next 2 minutes, we’ll pass four blue cars parked on the left side of the road.” Whoever’s bet is closest to the truth wins. Make it fun by actually betting on something like a happy meal, or their dessert later etc.

And yes, there are tons of other road trip games out there in the google-verse, but these are the ones I actually like and have played. If it’s simple I’m all over it! Many of the others one are too complicated or boring to even share them with you.

What are some other ideas you have for road trip entertainment? Help me as I have helped you amigos! Thanks for hanging and reading. Besos!

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