Road Rage Craze


Since I was 5 my dad taught me how to drive and watching my dad drive I learned too. I loved driving and couldn’t wait to get my own car one day. However, road rage came along with it.

I would get mad if a car cut me off even from a distance, if they weren’t going the same speed limit as me, if they were on the wrong lane going slow, didn’t turn correctly- my frustration’s were endless. I would get so mad that it really took over my life. I was an amazing driver who could cut people off swiftly and I knew when and how to turn into streets smoothly. I was such a a crazy driver I would follow people! Psycho much? Yeah just a bit. FYI I never got in a car accident either. I didn’t think I’d ever change, but I did.

I realized that when Ziana was born I had to care for her and I value her life way more so I changed. I no longer speed with her in the car, I rarely drive in the 3rd lane, and I don’t cut people off as crazy as I use to. It really amazes me when people drive like that now. They obviously don’t value their own life much less anyone else’s life.


Don’t get me wrong though even with not doing all that my mouth still goes off! It takes steps people! What’s even worse is when other people drive. Since I can’t control the situation and I think they all suck at driving I start bitching. You know how Carrie from ‘King of Queens’ is? Thinking the whole world is against her- yup that’s me, haha. No one is as good as me! My issue was and still is that I take peoples stupidity personally as if it’s an attack on me, but in reality they could care less who I am. Just something I have to remember before I let the rage begin. Believe me that’s hard because it’s so much easier to curse them out. However, I have to start changing because I don’t want Ziana to learn that.

Many of us have road rage or are aggressive drivers, especially us damn New Yorkers! I think what should be done is build more and more lanes- hell even levels! The Long Island Expressway for example could use three levels plus 5 lanes. One can only dream, right?

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