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rio 2

Having a kid I’m into all those family/animated movies for kids so yes, I’m a fan of Rio and also of Rio 2! We left off with Blue and Jewel becoming a couple in Rio and in Rio 2 they’re still holding on strong and decide to settle down and focus on raising a family in the wilds of the Amazon Rainforest. Of course it wouldn’t be a movie without some trials and tribulations. Blu soon runs into a rival in the form of hot-shot Nigel, who causes him all sorts of grief. In the meantime, he and Jewel must both adjust to being parents and to embracing this very different lifestyle in the forest. It does not help that Jewel’s father soon arrives on the scene, and he is determined to make life as difficult for his despised son-in-law as he possibly can.

As an adult not only am I looking forward to watching Rio 2 for the amazing animation, but also for the all-star cast who will be playing the characters in the movie; Bruno Mars, Andy Garcia, George Lopez and much, much more! With the anticipation of the Rio 2 DVD coming out Ziana and myself are preparing ourselves by watching the original Rio film and working on coloring some activity pages from the film!

If you missed the new adventures that Blue and Jewel went through– or even if you already watched it– don’t fret! Rio 2 is coming out on DVD July 15th!


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rio 2

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