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Potty Training with Pampers Easy Ups

*This post has been sponsored, but all reviews and opinions are my own*

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Potty training is seriously one of the hardest things in a parents life. Not only is it an exciting milestone to achieve for your little one, but also for you! No more spending tons of money on wipes and diapers, so it’s easier on our pockets. I was so eager to start potty training Ziana and I started at about 20 months or so. Just to put it out there, there is no correct age to start the potty training adventures. Parents always say that the kid will let you know when they’re ready, but they aren’t going to say, “Hey mom! I want to use the toilet.” You have to introduce them to it like anything else you would and start from there, but DO NOT push it, force it or get mad if they aren’t ready.

Luckily, Pampers Easy-Ups are great during the transitional period of training them. Pamper Easy-Ups are easy for them to pull up and down themselves, has a leak protection for fewer leakage and are still great to use all day/night, not to mention the cute designs for them on the pampers. The extra plus is that when wet the graphics on the pull-ups fade so you know when they’ve had an accident. I was done and out the woods of this headache with Ziana and now am anticipating this potty training adventure with a boy. They say that boys and girls are different, and I can only imagine since he has something I’m not packing. I do however have some type of experience in this and was happy to share my tips with my fellow mommy’s and all of you!

I had a little fiesta/photoshoot this weekend promoting Pampers Easy-Ups with the kiddies. It was really fun and super cute! I also gave my advice on how to start weaving your child on how to peak their interest in using the potty.

1- Have them watch you use the potty

2- Buy them their own toilet, have them pick it out.

3- Make this step exciting for them. It’s a huge responsibility and it could be scary for them to letting them know it’s actually fun could help.

4- Incentives aka bribery are best and usually work wonderfully

5- Set your phone to an alarm, so when the alarm goes off every 10-15 minutes (eventually increase the time to 20-25 minutes etc) they know what time it is

6- Make sure you are home for a whole week when training unless you plan on being strict with keeping the potty training schedule when out and about

Those easy steps truly are EASY. If you stay focused on the goal you’ll accomplish it faster, there is no room for error, no excuse for not sticking to the routine. Trust me I learned the hard way, I left the house on the fourth day and I threw her off balance and she had so many accidents out that day because I didn’t take her every so minutes.

What do you think of these tips? Share some of yours!

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