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Potty Training Tips

potty training tips

Potty training is one of the hugest milestones for your child to accomplish. It’s also one of the most frustrating times for both kids and parents. Everyone says to potty train when your child shows signs that their ready, I believe their ready when you show them to get ready.

I started potty training my daughter, Ziana, at 18 months and was doing good until I regressed one day and put a diaper on her. That was the worst mistake and many parents do this as well. From the day you start potty training that is the day diapers are no longer in existence– unless they need them to sleep. If, you’re getting ready to potty train or have been unsuccessful try some of my tips and let me know in the comments below what you tried!

1- Be consistent. Don’t give up on potty training and do not make the mistake of putting on a diaper if you have to go out

2- When you decide to start I suggest staying in your house for a good week.

3- Just put on those undies and know that there will be peed floors. Eventually and hopefully your child will not enjoy being wet and may let you know when she feels like something is going to come trickling down.

4- For the first few days or week I put Ziana on her potty every 30 minutes. And that seemed to work well since there were less accidents.

5- Sit on the potty with your child. And come up with a song/jingle on your way to the potty like I did.

6- Try the reward system where if they use the toilet without an accident they get a gift/snack; sticker, car, piece of candy, cookie, grapes, carrot– the snack can be anything your child enjoys.

7. Definitely applaud and make a huge deal when they use the potty.

8. When you’ve prepared yourself to step back out into the world bring tons of undies and jeans/dress whatever they’re wearing that day.

9. Perhaps try having her pick out her own underwear with her favorite characters can help.

10. Try to not give them any liquids about an hour and a half before bed.

11. Have her see other kids use the potty and that might entice them to do the same.

12. Lastly, bring a portable potty with you in the car because sometimes they just can’t hold it.

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