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Potty Training Boys

Before you start potty training, save yourself the stress of other methods that just don't work and read this first!

They never said potty training boys would be easy, and I thought I would be one of the lucky ones who would be done with it in just a matter of 3 days. I mean, come on, Ziana took about a week, but then again she is a girl. Apparently, boys take longer to train- go figure!

When I potty trained Ziana it was only her, her and I, a team, no other distractions to keep me away from focusing on her and her goal. We stayed in for a good week or two with minimum outside interaction to train her to pee on the toilet, not the floor or couch. Did the whole lollipop and snack bit to get her motivated, and it worked! We saved a good chunk on change from diapers and wipes and life was good.

Then we had another baby…

More money on diapers and wipes. More headaches to find changing areas in places that should have them, but don’t. And yet, with all that running around and then some, we completely forgot that we needed to start potty training Gunner. Ziana was not even two yet and was already trotting around town in her big girl undies. We attempted at it a couple weeks ago and it didn’t go well.

The first attempt at potty training

Gunner had no problems taking his diaper off and sitting on the toddler potty. He also had no problem babbling through books and playing with his cars for 20 minutes. 20 minutes this kid didn’t even leave a drop or try to push after my pushing-out mocking sounds. Nothing. Gunner is well aware of what the bathroom is for and how to use it, yet nada! I put the diaper back on and within 10-minutes there’s a poopy diaper. Yay for me.

Perhaps he’s not ready for this big step in life, so I’ll wait for just a bit longer, but I need a plan. When I attempted to potty train Gunner it was for those 20 minutes and I called it a day. I need to go back with the same mindset I had with Ziana– stay home and focus just on him for the next few days.

Give me some of your tips!

Do you guys have ay tips especially for the night time? Look for a future video on all this soon over on my Youtube channel!

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