Police Officers and Social Media

police officers and social media

A few weeks ago police officers were once again in the news for their social media accounts. What? Yeah, that’s what I thought at first and wondered what the big deal was. Apparently many female officers will be disciplined due to posting photos of themselves while on duty wearing their badges on Instagram – allegedly violating the department’s social media policy.

Many policies were implemented in 2013 regarding how officers need to portray themselves while being a police officer on duty. Many have broken those rules and I agree that disciplinary actions need to be taken. And don’t make this a gender thing, they’re also looking into male officers who haven’t followed regulations.

I agree that such photos should face disciplinary action and this is why– what can or has happened when people who need their help aren’t be helped because the officer is preoccupied with taking a good selfie? They’re simply not doing their job. I know without a shadow of a doubt we all have seen officers roaming the streets or in their patrol cars on their phones. I’ve seen officers on social media! Seriously? That’s just unacceptable especially since you’re the “law.”

I can understand that police officers taking selfies in their uniform is them having a sense of pride– no problem , but when a photo like that is next to your other photo showing your “tata’s” in a club, eh I have to say I kind of won’t respect for you. I don’t know why that is because I understand people have lives outside their 9-5, but it just brings a different kind of light to you.

While none of the NYPD Instagram selfies come close to being X-rated, both the Police Department and FDNY have, in the past, cracked down on members who bared it all. For more, check out- NY Daily News.

What are your thoughts on these policies? Should this be even stricter or is just too harsh in the world we live today?

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