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Playboy Party for Kids!


This past weekend I wasn’t the only one dressed up in my Halloween outfit celebrating the best holiday ever! One of the hottest parties this past weekend was the Playboy mansion’s annual party. But the playmates weren’t the ones who made news, Kelsey Grammer and Kayte Grammer were.

According to the Daily News parents of the year bought their three-month-old daughter to the sultry party. Kelsey defended his decision by saying, “Kayte is breast-feeding, and we do not have a nanny or a trusted babysitter at this time, so Faith goes everywhere with us.” What now!? I didn’t know the Playboy mansion party was for kids.

20121101-004849.jpg Thanks to TMZ for the great photos!

Having a child of my own I understand how important it is to not lose yourself and its important to have some me time when appropriate. I don’t go anywhere unless its my parents or boyfriends mother who will watch over her. Trusting someone is very difficult. I understand an aspect of their decision. However, you don’t have a babysitter and she’s breastfeeding so then stay home! No one will miss you I’m sure of it. Kelsey said it as if they had no other choice and they had to go to this party. I would’ve stayed home. I have missed a few get-together with family and friends depending the environment and determined that it was not suitable for my child. I stayed home.

We can all speculate, well not really, because we all know what goes down during the party.

20121101-013117.jpg And no way in anyone’s mentally right mind is it a good idea. Yes, the child is three-months-old it wont phase her and she doesn’t really know what’s going on, but still. It’s a bit inappropriate and uncomfortable for the guests. Even one of the playmates tweeted, “Why the f*** does Kelsey Grammer have a newborn baby at the Mansion Party!?”

What do you think?

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