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Plaid Poncho Trend

plaid poncho trend

I know, every year plaid comes into our lives as the “newest trend” and we jump on it as if it’s been lost and found for years. Well, I had to jump on this cute little hooded plaid poncho at Old Navy. Although the poncho also came in black and white, the red and black just never gets old– It love the traditional cozy look to it. It was the perfect go to throw on for a day where cold days aren’t exactly around, but the chill creeps by. Ponchos, in general are a great statement piece for your child and even mommy! It can go with just about anything and be styled differently especially if they don’t have buttons– a belt cinched at the waist will look great. Gee, I can’t wait until we can share clothes.

kids plaid fashion

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toddler girl style | Leggings: Target | Boots: Target |

old navy style

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