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Perfect Way to Spring into Spring

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The perfect spring clothing items

I’m a sucker for warmer weather and cute rompers. I’m a romper girl. It’s so simple, chic and is the perfect way to float around during spring and summer, especially spring. Rompers are designed with short or long sleeves along in their one-piece shorts, so wearing the long-sleeve romper gives you the perfect mixture. Hot? Your legs will be cool. Cold? Those long-sleeves will keep you warm– kinda.

Now, you may also have seen me strutting around town with metallics. I have always been a metallic girl! And my recent purchase of this silver metallic purse has me taking this one out just about every other day. Hints of metallics is a huge trend right now. Wear it either on your shoes, jacket, pants, top or accessories and you’ll be putting the perfect touch to your outfit.

Marshall’s is my new haven

If you’ve been following along on our daily Youtube videos you may know that I’ve been making way too many pitstops at Marshall’s, mostly for my home decor items that you’ve seen around. The last time I made my trip out there I, of course, bought more home decor items, but also moseyed on over to the women’s department and found a piece I just had to add to my already over-the-limit cart.

It was a romper. Yes, you guessed right!

This flowered blue romper wasn’t the only thing I had my eye on, but Betsy Vilca does have– what is that word– restraint to just walk away.

The weather las week in New York was something ‘like a phenomenon’ so I decided to take out this beauty for a night out at a Kia event during the NYC Auto Show

Where to get this look

Now unfortunately Marshall’s doesn’t sell anything online so here are some similar options in the $25 price range. Did I not mention the price before? Same goes for the purse! I have no idea why Forever 21 doesn’t carry the purse on their site-

You can also watch the fun–

marshalls fashion for women
|Romper: Marshall’s | Shoes: Lolashoetique | Bag: Forever 21 |

perfect piece of clothing rompers

gray thigh high boots for petite girls

baublebar's collection at Target


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