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Perfect Sexy Swimsuits

*This post was sponsored by Miracle Suit however, all opinions are my own regarding all three swimsuits*


Although I wasn’t bikini body ready in what I would’ve felt comfortable in, I wasn’t going to let that stop me from enjoying a dip in the water here and there this summer. It’s going to be a long time before I ever feel comfortable in two-piece swimsuits again and maybe that’ll never happen, so I need to get use to this new curvy body. I’ve always been heavy set on top so finding a swimsuit with enough support that wasn’t hideous was hard for me to find. Miracle Suit thankfully has a buck load of styles to chose from, especially for women like me who not only carry a lot of junk in all the right places, but who want some tummy control.

FYI, Miraclesuit has a special fabric which delivers three times the control of ordinary swimwear fabrics, without relying on inner linings and constrictive control panels to shape and trim. The high concentration of Lycra spandex means that Miraclesuit; swimwear keeps its shape… and yours. And well, see for yourself–

When choosing swimsuits what to look for

I chose three one-piece swimsuits and all were based off the straps, support an d style. First, I needed something that would support my bust and not let them sag down to my knees (slight exaggeration). Next, getting adjustable straps was a necessity so I can pull those puppies up more and make them seem perky as they once were. Then, of course is the style– still keeping it sexy.

The modest black swimsuit

tummy control swimsuits

swimsuit amazon

I made sure to pick out a black piece like the Madero one which I could wear to waterparks. It was subtle and black is always a necessity. This one did have an underwire bra which funny enough I felt didn’t hold much up as the other two below. It had the adjustable straps and a sweetheart neckline. I picked this out in a size 10.

Lady in red swimsuit

perfect summer swimsuit 2017

swimsuits for girls

This red piece which is rightfully called The Miraclesuit Rivage had me a bit exited. It has foam cups and it wasn’t my first picking, but the color alone and the way it was cinched in the middle hid a lot of the tummy situation I knew it would probably look great on me. Red for some reason is my color in the summer with the tan I somewhat form. Sized: 8

The floral pattern swimsuit

swimsuits d cup

Oh, the Amoressa South Pacific was just a must. I’m a sucker for floral patterns and then the gold embellishments just gave it more of a great detail. I didn’t care if it didn’t have tummy control, no underwire or had my butt hanging out I needed this swimsuit in my life. LUCKILY, it did have a soft cup bra which still got to work in keeping things in place. It did have some tummy control, but it had fixed straps– just meaning there is no adjustability in the straps. With the v-neckline it accentuated sexiness and it was a win! I got a size 10 to make sure the cups fit properly and it did.

Below check some more picks of styles I liked–

Which are your favorite swimsuits to get?

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