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Perfect Fall Slip On Shoes for all Outfits

Perfect Fall Slip On Shoes for all Outfits
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I’m pretty sure years prior summer was still around in September maybe even going into October, but nope not this year. The last weekend of August was already getting chilly and I had to already put on long sleeve the following week. Absurd? Well for me it was, but thankfully I thought ahead of time and started doing some fall shoe shopping at Famous Footwear before the cool weather approached.

I love slip on shoes– no tying and no buckling which takes time away from my already busy day. When I saw the cute PINK Steve Maddens it was already mine. I’m already obsessed with the broad spectrum of pinks so it really didn’t matter if they were a darker or brighter color, but the light pinks do work best for fall. They can go with so many outfits and colors from jeans to shorts to skirts and even dresses that they’re a must fall staple. Below I’ve linked my pair along with other slip-on colors you may wan to snatch up before they run out.

I’ve also linked my outfit (first two listed) with the rose patches below and other similar styles…

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rose clothing patches

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pink slip on shoes

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