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Perfect Fall Outfit + Target +LolaShoetique

perfect fall outfit target lola shoetique

By now I think you guys have already seen the video of this fashion look and now have come to get the exact look or something more to your taste.

I’m one of those people who can’t wait for summer, but then when it’s here I hate it and beg for fall. Then when fall comes and it gets cool– I get just a bit happier with life. I feel like there are no odds against me and life is just freaking-fantastic! Now fall is unfortunately a season you need to really dwell in when it’s here because it comes and goes quickly. I like to dwell in the fashion side of fall– all the different outfits you can transition from your summer wardrobe or even all the new items you can purchase (angel face). I have an obsession– rompers! Short-sleeve, long-sleeve, no-sleeve, you show me a romper I’m all into it.

This summer I didn’t have any new rompers, nothing called my name or tickled my pickle ( I love that phrase BTW!) Until, (bring in the dun-dun-dun) this here long sleeve tie-front romper from Target. The cut was really short, which I didn’t mind much at first because it elongated my short statue, but then when you get to walking you do have to pull it down a bit. Check our similar styles from Target–

target fall clothing

1) Gauze Long Sleeve Romper

2) Burgundy Long Sleeve Romper

3) Olive Long Sleeve Romper

4) Burgundy Tie-Front Romper

The next part of my fabulous outfit were my boots. The colder days definitely call for boots of all lengths– I’e been looking for the perfect knee-high boots for the longest time. I decided to go hunt them down online and stumbled across one of my go-to sites, Lola Shoetique. I found the shoes that were made specifically for my feet (I swear it) comfortable, fit snug around my thin rail legs, opposed to other shoes, and were unique. I must put out there that they were only comfortable in the toe part because I stretched them before wearing. A secret I’ll be sharing on my Youtube channel soon, so make sure you subscribe!

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how to transition summer clothing

target outfit

how to accessorize chokers

lolashoetique boots

knee high boots

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