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Olay’s New Beauty Tool

Olay’s New Beauty Tool

Olay’s new beauty tool gives you products specific to your skin

I love taking care of my skin and always trying out the next best thing. Many brands have the generic products out there which moisturize or fight oily skins, but they’re curated for the general public, not individualized. If you want something that’s going to target your specific trouble areas then Olay has their “Skin Advisor Tool” (works on mobile or tablet) to give you an accurate skin age estimate, along with a personalized product regimen all based off a selfie.

They want to know what exactly you need help with– analyzing your skin, improving your skin, see what’s new, or finding the right products for you. They ask a bunch of questions regarding your skincare regime, which is OKAY because you want to see what is and isn’t working. So be prepared to take a few minutes. My results came in and I had a meltdown– well could’ve been a meltdown if I wasn’t strong enough to handle the truth! They aged me. Aged this youthful– sometimes flawless face to be… dun, dun, dun… a year older. Apparently, my forehead which was my best area was what saved me from my aging face. The under eye area (which loses moisture 50% faster), cheeks and crows feet– say what? Yes, all those are my problem areas. Where’s the cow’s blood when you need it?

Olay’s Anti-aging cream might take years off your skin age

They suggested Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti-Aging- Eye-Treatment, which fights 7 signs of aging in 1 easy step to help take years off your skin age. I love the fact that it’s suppose to work on the firmness and moisture that my skin loses as I ahem, age. Already I saw a slight improvement in my skin’s texture– smooth, richly moisturizing and doesn’t leave too much grease on my face. I also should mention that I got the fragrance-free one which didn’t irritate my skin.

Illuminating cream that is a light-reflecter?

The next product suggested was Olay Eyes Illuminating for my inherited dark under eyes. Thanks mom! The dual-swirl formula is designed with an eye cream to deposit light-reflecting pigments. Whoa, so will I no longer need to add pounds of concealer and bake? I think so. It honestly acts like a cream highlighter and instead of exposing the black under eyes, it tones it down and brings out a glowy look. However, due to my sensitive skin the skin around the eyes did get a bit irritated.

Try the test and let me know what results you get! Find out here.

Olay's beauty tool specific to your skin

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    Apr 25, 2017 at 12:22 am

    Going to give it a try! Thanks Betsy!! Your your skin looks great!

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