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NYFW Trends

When February comes around it means that New York Fashion Week will be here in days and all the fashionistas, wannabe designers, and trend-setters pick out their best outfits to sit their butts down and learn what will be in style for the upcoming season. Unfortunately, I didn’t go to any shows, but I’m still here to bring you what the word is in the fashion-crazed world.


Orange hues are the IT color this spring. That means it can be dark to light to an off-orange color and you’ll be in style. From a shirt to a dress to heels to accessories or lips, whichever way it is IN.

I’ve gotten the scoop from Elle Magazineand basically broke the trends down for you…

Don’t be afraid to go logo crazy– or just go with plain color slates. Either way you’ll be good.

Short heels are back!! I love heels and sometimes 6 inch heels are just too much to deal with so knowing that short heels shoes are making their way back is a relief.


This is a pretty neat thing for the men in our lives– they too will be able to get trendy on the beach with us.

Tribal outfits are another it trend. I’ve never been a fan, but if that’s you you’ll be looking great– in the fashion world.


The weirder your ear jewelry is the better.


Rose gold is a lovely color and this is a big plus for everyone’s complexion, although I think someone with a more pigmented skin tone would make them pop more.


Metallics are here to stay and with a high-shine finish it’s a definite win according to Elle.

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