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Night Time Routine with Johnson’s Baby

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night time routine johnsons baby

When there’s a new baby around the house it’s easy for your other child/ren to feel a bit left out. I think we’ve been doing a pretty good job in keeping Ziana included in all of Gunner’s achievements and even making her the center of attention from time to time. Ziana definitely jumps into playing the big sister role in helping during feeding time, changing his diaper, and keeping up with the night time routine, which includes helping during bath time– when we give him a bath. It really helps the whole family when there is a night time routine.

1. Last feeding
2. Diaper change
3. Bath time
4. Play with bath toys
5. Big sister helps wash brother
6. Lather baby up in lotion
7. Change him
8. Down time
9. Bed

I confess, I don’t bathe the kids every day just because their skin is super sensitive. Shocker? Babies’ skin loses moisture twice as fast as that of adults, making it more sensitive and prone to dryness. So when I do give him a bath I make sure it’s something that won’t dry out his skin and will give him more moisture. JOHNSON’S BABY has created JOHNSON’S HEAD-TO-TOE Extra Moisturizing Baby Wash to hydrate and enrich baby’s skin in the tub with 10 times more moisturizers than HEAD-TO-TOE Wash. Bath time for us is always enjoyable, Gunner loves the water, loves the toys, the bubbles and everything in between.

After a bath I lather the baby in lotion, to moisturize! JOHNSON’S new product line also includes, HEAD-TO-TOE Extra Moisturizing Cream leaving baby’s sensitive skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. It’s important to always keep your body moisturized and hydrated starting from a young age, so I make sure that they are use to this and will follow through as they get older.

What does your night time routine include?

how to bathe baby

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