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New Nursery Decor Collection from Target

nate berkus baby collection

Oh Target, you’ve done it again! Whenever we make our bi-weekly trips to Target, because every week would be need for an intervention, we always stock up our cart with things we came for and unexpected things. Besides being a huge fan of their home decor department particularly with designs from Threshold, Safaveih and Nate Berkus my next go-to area is the children’s department. If only we could get home decor items from these brands for a friendly children’s room– life might just be complete. Well, folks get prepared to feel complete– the brilliant Nate Berkus apparently read my mind and stole my idea! Not really, but wouldn’t that be nice?

As a new dad, Nate was inspired to create a collection that combined practical parenting with his signature whimsical and sophisticated aesthetic. There are nearly 30 new pieces in his baby collections from onesies, blankets, rattles, lamps and more, but let me mention more specifically– llamas. Llamas have made it’s way into his designs and I couldn’t be happier. Being from Peru it’s part of what symbolizes my people and Nate felt a connection when he visited Machu Pichu making it part of his family’s memory. Many of the pieces are under $20 which makes it a shopable collection for all pockets! Yes, shopable is a new word created my me, can’t steal that from me Nate!

Check them out here–

nate berkus baby collection

target nate berkus

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nate berkus baby

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