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New Line of Feminine Cleansers and Cloths- Summer’s Eve

simply summer's eve

I’m back at it again with yet again a brand-spanking-new line of cleaners and cloths for us women. Last week, I was lucky enough to attend a fun event thrown by Mom Trends introducing Summer’s Eve new feminine line, Simply. Summer’s Eve has always been the go-to folks when you want to get fresh and stay fresh all over.

The event not only introduced the new Simply line for us to try, but they really wanted us to try them after a workout with celebrity fitness expert and trainer, Bianca Jade. That’s where Surfset Studio came in– we were doing a workout on surf boards! It’s the world’s first total body surf trainer designed to mimic the movements of surfing without the ocean. Apprently I missed that memo and came casually dressed instead of in my gym attire, but even for those two minutes where I got on the board to take a picture my abs were felling it! Wow.

After that debacle– we were given a closer look at Summer’s Eve line. Being a person who suffers from eczema putting on many of these products out there really don’t do my skin any justice. I get flaky and my skin reacts and turns to itchy patches. Yeah, that bad. So it’s nice to know that Summer’s Eve took a notice to my kind of people and made some changes. Their new line of feminine cleaners and cloths are free from harsh chemicals, dyes, alcohol and parabens. The Simply line is infused with botanical extracts and works with your body to help maintain a natural pH. Not to mention it comes in two nature-inspired scents– Mandarin blossom and coconut water. They also come in individually wrapped packets or a soft pack.

As part of the new collection they also developed gentle foaming wash– instantly lathers to a rich, luxurious and ultra-soft foam that rinses away odor-causing bacteria. These were gentle on my hands, which I like because harsh chemicals, remember don’t mix well with me and many others.

To bring the whole event together they had Crowns by Christy grace us with their crafting area where we were able to make our own mermaid crowns. I made one for Ziana and said Ariel wanted to crown her an official mermaid. Very cute, I know!

See some of the fun from that day here.

surf board workout

surfset fitness

simply summer eve's

crowns by christy

simply summer eve's

work out on a surf board

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  • Reply
    Mar 17, 2017 at 11:44 am

    You just can’t beat how gentle those products are!

    • Reply
      Mar 18, 2017 at 2:46 pm

      Yeah it’s crazy!

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