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neutrogena men

I love taking care of my skin inside and out by using the latest protects and (trying) to eat right. Not only should women be protective of their skin, but it’s also important for men to do as well.

I’ve always been a fan of Neutrogena products since my mother introduced me to them as a little girl, so it’s no surprise that I continue to use their products.

I was thrilled when Neutrogena came out with the Neutrogena Men Line. It was a genius idea because now I was able to pass on my secret for great skin to my boyfriend. Besides eating right and exercising it’s also important for him to treat his skin well so I gave some products to use!

neutrogena men

It’s not surprise that when men shave on a regular basis their skin becomes irritating and causes razors burns. So those clever folks at Neutrogena created a ‘Sensitive Skin Shave Cream’ which will work to calm, soother and help protect sensitive skin from irritation. It’s hypoallergenic, oil-free and dye-free. Retailed for $5.49

Next up was ‘Razor Defense Face Scrub,’ which yes sounds a but weird for a man to use, but the benefits are great and it’s not like they’ll be doing it in public ????. It’s actually a prevention tool that will make your man’s skin less sensitive and prevent razor burns when he’s ready to shave. Also, it doesn’t hurt that there’s such an amazing smell that goes along with it that may make you want to jump your man! Retailed at: $5.99

Us women love face wash so with that there’s also a Neutrogena. Product for men, ‘Invigorating Face Wash.’ It cleans deep down to the pores and will leave the skin feeling– well invigorating. The face wash comes with a great smell as well. So men if you’re reading it’s just an added bonus to great skin.

To top it off, we finish with ‘Triple Protect Face Lotion (with sunscreen).’ Men don’t think it’s important to take care of their skin like us, but it is. If anything they should at least be using this product. The lotion contains active soy, anti-oxidants, and anti-irritants that all work to smooth razor burn, heal dry, irritates skin and help defend against signs if aging. Retailed: $6.99

At least try it before you knock it. If I haven’t persuaded you then maybe trusting in a commonly such as Neutrogena will. I mean they have been worldwide leaders in improving health and beauty for over 50 years.

neutrogena men

neutrogena men

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