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A few weeks ago I was invited to attend a Neutrogena event alongside other bloggers and the wonderful Kerry Washington. We all grew up with the Neutrogena line and I’m sure like my mother, many of yours used their products as well. It’s an all time classic line which brings out the natural beauty we all already have. The workshop was to introduce more their newest products that Kerry Washington helped to create. It was interesting to find out that she is not only the brand ambassador, but was a creative consultant in creating the new colors especially for dark skin women, which is what was missing from Neutrogena.

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They had new shades for these foundations;
1- Nourishing Long Wear Liquid Foundation Broad Spectrum with SPF 20. I’ve used this foundation and the consistency of the foundation is thick, which is great because it really sticks on your skin and lasts longer; 12 hours.

2- Healthy Skin Liquid Foundation Broad Spectrum with SPF 20. Same as the above, but without the long wear and without the heavy consistency.

3- SkinClearing Liquid Foundation. Now, this one was pretty cool– formulated with MicroClear technology to not only treat blemishes, but to also help prevent emerging breakouts.

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Also adding to their collection of new shades was for MoistureSmooth Color Stick lippies. The color sticks go on smooth leaving your lips moisturized wit their balm like formula. With 16 shades to chose from you can’t go wrong.

Neutrogena products are good for skin, breathable– easy on the lips, easy on the skin. Doesn’t just make you look beautiful, but it’s healthy for the skin, which is hard to come by since makeup usually doesn’t let your skin breathe.

Check out the new foundation and shades in this video—

What do you think of the new shades and colors?

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