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Myth Busters Are Officially in New Jersey!

myth busters liberty science museum

You might be a fan of the popular Discovery Channel show Myth Busters and for good reason, where else can you see rumors, internet videos, news, myths, movie scenes and more be validated or debunked? It’s always a fun time trying to see if something we believed for so long such as old wives’ tales are actually true. Seeing it on tv is one thing, but imagine being able to see what you saw on tv right in front of your face. The great folks at The Liberty Science Museum made this possible by giving the Myth Busters their own exhibit!

Remember that episode with the coffin in which Jamie tested whether someone could really survive being buried alive? The actual coffin, some dirt and the dent from that episode is at the exhibit and it’s pretty freaking cool. There’s tons to do like live demonstrations, visitor participation, and spectacular sets and experiences from the TV show. Seeing an exhibit is fun, seeing real life things come to play where you can actually participate is even better! Their exhibit has tons of fun information and things to look at, but also a great amount of interaction where you can test out some of the theories yourself.

Ziana had a lot of fun learning and testing some of the centers, which I had to redirect her attention from time to time, but once I did she had fun trying and testing each section out. You still have plenty of time to check out the exhibition until September 4, 2017. Also I would suggest making a trip to Liberty Science Center before this season wraps up, as they filmed the season finale at the museum!

Also, make sure to catch the live video from the exhibit–

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myth busters exhibit

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    Mar 7, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    Kiddos just love crackin’ a good mystery! Love seeing all this myth busting!

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      Mar 8, 2017 at 5:21 pm

      Yes it was too much fun!

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