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My Wavy Curl Routine

*DevaCurl products were provided in exchange for review**
deva curl curly hair routine

I’ve been off the hard hot stuff for 4-months now, trying to revive and relive the good ol’ days of when…my hair was free from heat, gel and hair coloring. Yes y’all I was born with wavy hair and growing up I always hated it! I honestly don’t know why, I had some good curls with brown hair that glistened when the sun hit it. All I needed was the right products to maintain them. Back then there weren’t loads of products catering to those with curly hair– gel and hairspray were our options.

High-school is when I started to slowly kill my locks and it all started with “sun-in,” remember those bottles of cream that would color your hair blondish when hit directly by heat or the sun? I so wanted lighter hair so I slowly dyed my hair with that bottle, then bleached my hair and started using those damn straightening irons.

All in all my hair has been dead for your years! I tried tons of products to get my curls back, but none worked too well or in the long run. I was excited when DevaCurl wanted to collaborate because I heard a great review from them and wanted to try it out.

Well folks, you’ll just have to see the video to see what I think. Also, if you end up wanting to try the products I’m currently using check the links below–

Deva Curl products used:

DEVA Curl Micellar Water Cleanser-
DEVA Curl One Condition Delight-
DEVA Curl Low Poo Cleanser-
DEVA Curl Wave Maker-
DEVA Curl Defining gel-

Watch the video

reviving you wavy curly hair again

style your curly hair

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