My Love 4 Alcohol


Let me start off by saying I’m not an alcoholic. I’m not a recovering alcoholic either. Jeez, before Ziana I didn’t care for alcohol. That all changed while I was pregnant, yes pregnant no need to re-read that.

For some odd reason many women crave things they’ve never been into until they got pregnant. For instance on Babycenter I read how many women were craving marijuana while they were pregnant and I craved alcohol! Of course I didn’t drink any, but the craving to not only drink, but get drunk was such an urge I was already planning to have bottles sent to my delivery room, haha.

I use to drink Coronas, but didn’t like the taste much just drank it because all those around me did. Then I started to like my white wine– Moscato. Moscato and I had a love affair before it became everyone’s love. Soon I moved on to the best drink ever– cosmopolitan. I completely understand why Carrie from Sex and the City made this her signature drink. You can get tipsy from a Cosmo because it doesn’t even taste like alcohol. And I think those are the best drinks– the unexpected ones that just creep up on you. Although expensive ($12) for a tiny drink that you can chug in two gulps it’s so worth it.

Recently, we’ve been packing the fridge with beer– BudLight. I understand after a long day of work or wanting to get in the mood to work a man needs a beer or two to relax and get in the zone so I don’t mind it. The other night I took a sip of Coors Light and was amazed at how good beer could be! I absolutely hate beer, but my oh my– could I have found my new drink? If so, I need to be a Budslight Girl ASAP, haha.

The best part of alcohol is the drinking games– Beer Pong, Kings, Flip Cup, Chandeliers, Words, those are the ones I’ve just played, but there’s even more! I read a whole bunch of fun ones at These games are best played with your friends or family because fights really aren’t bound to happen with them and getting drunk with them is the best!


The reason I like drinking from time to time is because although I’m a social butterfly and am already crazy as it is, the alcohol makes me just that more awesome. Seriously! This one time I had gone out with my cousins I drank a whole glass of a Long Island Ice Tea and was gone after 20 minutes of having just arrived to the place. I was dancing everywhere, telling people that I loved them, my cousins had to help me use the bathroom and I ended up dancing with some girl I didn’t like. Overall it was the best time I ever had with alcohol! Haha.

Of course when drinking one has to be responsible. Like me– I don’t drink and drive. If I do drive I drink right in the beginning two drink minimum and won’t drink for the rest of the night. I always knew if I got wasted I could sleep over someone’s house or have someone drive me home. Now that’s different– me and my boyfriend will decide who’s going to be the designated driver. And the best part is the way you sleep after a night of drinking– amazing!

What’s funny is my boyfriend loves when I have a glass or two of wine because I’m much calmer. No “bitching” or uptight Betsy walking around in her underwear. I swear it’s his mission to get me tipsy! Anyone remember that King of Queens episode?

I could never write about alcohol and say not to drink, with all the studies proving alcohol has mental and physical consequences blah, blah, blah it’s a part of life no one can ever get rid of. Boston Tea Party ring a bell? It ain’t happening!

As much as you may like a drink or four from time to time I can’t stress enough that it should only be once in a while and if you’re dependent on alcohol then you need a rehab my friend! Cheers!

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