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My First DIY- Painting My Dresser

*I partnered up with Behr paint for repainting my dresser*
repainting dresser

My first DIY– yes, I finally did it! I am definitely not the kind of girl who goes on Pinterest for hours on end and adds things to boards of ideas I want to tackle one day– okay, correction I am that girl, but I never really do much after it’s gone to one of my 68 boards. This time, well this time I finally used one of those DIY boards of mine and took on a project. Painting my dresser.

I would’ve loved to have just bought the $600 dresser I was eyeing and call it a day, but the dresser I had was in great condition and spending that much was just not doable. So I partnered up with Behr and started on my DIY journey. I didn’t know how I’d do and for all of you who thought I’d do pretty bad– you were right!

I was so bad the boyfriend took over as you saw–

Behr paint and added additions to my dresser

The theme of my bedroom is beach-like so I knew a white dresser would just be perfect. We painted the dresser in Behr’s Ultra Pure White. I took out all the clothes from the dressers and then then took out each dresser and painted them individually.

It looked great! But leaving the dresser just white wasn’t something I wasn’t into. After two coats and a full day of drying we added these jeweled knobs I got from Amazon. I love glitz and glamour and knew that I wanted gold. I also knew I wanted two knobs on each dresser to have it really stand out. But, again, something was missing from it. After more searching on Pinterest I saw this dresser that had corner brackets and LOVED it!

The winner that would complete my DIY dresser were these brass corner brackets. Thankfully, Amazon had ones I liked because their choices were slim to none.

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Now without further ado….

before and after painting a dresser

behr paint to use on furniture

painting with behr paint

white behr paint

do it yourself dresser


amazon prime day code

jeweled dresser knobs

home bedroom ideas

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