MTV VMA’s 2013

The best awards show of the year finally arrived and it had a number of people’s excited. The VMA’s are always knows for their exciting and surprising performances so I made sure Ziana was asleep before it started and there were no interruptions. However, that didn’t happen–

So here are my views on the performances and some of the regular celebrities who were just present.


Austin Mahone? Someone who is apparently the next Justin Bieber– noooooo we don’t need another one of those! And i always giggle at his last name, all my Latinos know why I laugh when they say Mahone, haha. It means doo-doo in Spanish! Oh jeez–


Another teenie booper who annoys the hell out of me is some “rapper” girl by the name of Becky G. I’ve watched some of her YouTube videos and I’m embarrassed that she’s even Latino. Not only is she extremely corny down to her socks, but there’s nothing great about her except maybe her nice shiny hair and her stylist.

Moving on–


I was so excited to not hear from Lady Gaga for that time she was away from music. I can’t stand her weirdness, which I usually love, but she’s on some type of level I can’t bare to stand for more than a minute. Gaga opened the show with another awkward outfit on performing her horrible new song.


Love Miley Cyrus’ new look (obviously not the above picture) and music, but she’s gotten weird too with the tongue action, putting that foam finger in anything she could then twerking on Robin Thicke’s ‘thickness,’ haha. Miley was just a hot mess rocking Coolio’s hairstyles while Robin wore a beetle juice outfit. Then Miley dared wearing some nude outfit which was the least bit flattering. But what do you expect when you hang out with someone like Odd Future?


And in the spirit of Miley’s unforgettable performance–



And although I’m not speaking on who won awards I must say that Macklemore’s summer hit “Thrift Shop” is NOT hip-hop. Seriously MTV!?



Uncle Kanye as he’s known in our house performed “Blood On The Leaves” in front of a forest back drop while he was in silhouette. Very short performance with no wow factors to it, but it was simply beautiful. Me and my boyfriend really thought that Taylor Swift was going to jump on stage and ruin his performance as a joke. Obviously, that didn’t happen :/


Who wasn’t excited for the talks and whispers of Justin Timberlake’s performance? We all heard that there was a possible N’SYNC reunion and us teenie boppers from back in the day could hardly contain themselves! Like me! Justin’s performance was nothing short of the epitome of spectacular! He never disappoints. The only thing I was upset about was that the N’SYNC reunion was short-lived by only two minutes. Why!? Conceited much Justin? I called my mom and she was even more excited than me to see N’SYNC haha.


The amazing Drake performed his amazing new song and did and amazing job– “Hold On We’re Going Home” and then moved on to “Started From The Bottom.” I literally got up from the couch and started jumping around and got in my boyfriends face! Haha, fun song. Only bad thing was that his performance was short-lived too. I want a damn concert!

Then when Drake was done you see Jaden Smith– I almost died laughing!!!



I was upset when what’s her face Selena won an award over Bruno Mars, but I was later rewarded– or we were all rewarded with a soulful performance when he sang “Gorilla.” Bravo and encore to that!


Katy Perry was the closing performance at the Brooklyn bridge and she did great. Not a fan of the song, but loved the set. I’m sure the song will grow on me 🙂


Rihanna was very laid back and high. Eating popcorn, staying seated while Drake performed and I’m sure trash talking haha.








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