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Mother of Two Children

Mother of Two Children

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Oh, hello there! It’s been a couple weeks since my last post and the reason for my absence is good– I recently became a mother of TWO! Two kids that is. If you followed my journey through out my pregnancy on my Youtube channel and read my last pregnancy post on Cesarean and VBACS you know it’s been quite a battle with me and my first doctor to do a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). Well, I’m happy to announce that my son came at 38 weeks on his own and I was able to deliver vaginally.

This experience was different from my c-section in that I had to push, I got to hold my baby after I pushed and was wide awake to see, hear and feel all of what was going on. Yes, I took the epidural because who wants to feel that pain of your once beautiful garden being run over by a boulder who’s ripping up your insides? Visual enough? The epidural eventually wore out a bit, which was good because when you start pushing you want to feel the contraction in order to know when to push. I remember when my doctor told me to push, I was confused because it was a whole new experience and I didn’t expect to do any work. You can also say I was naive when I thought the whole process took a few pushes and I’d be holding my baby within minutes. Although, it took me 20 minutes to push, I was informed that it could take hours to push a baby out! As soon as I was told that, I took no breaks and pushed as hard as I could because I couldn’t take any more contractions. At 11:48AM Gunner Patrick was born and I became a mother of two.

I knew before I even got pregnant with my second kid, life would be different and much more difficult, but none of that ever enters your mind when your set on growing your family. I had this whole “mom thing” down to a “T,” I got Ziana (three-year-old) ready, breakfast ready, got myself ready and out the door we went– easy breezy. Now to add a newborn into that equation, my then hour and a half routine out the door went up to three hours. I was shocked and upset, because for those who know me, know I’m all about timing and not wasting a moment. I now have to also fit into my new routine, breastfeeding and bottle feeding at any hour of the day! Why is it when your thinking of having another baby none of this ever makes it’s way into your head?

I’m beyond thrilled to have my baby boy, but this stage of life is not something I love nor miss doing. Yes, I know this stage only lasts a short time and they’ll be growing up fast so I need to cherish it. I’m cherishing it, doesn’t mean I have to love waking up middle of the night to change a dirty diaper and feed the kid. I do love smelling his newborn fragrance, his little hands clawing like a dinosaur and those little unexpected smiles. Those moments are definitely cherished. Something else that also fills my heart up is seeing Ziana with Gunner– I didn’t know what to expect from the big sister, would she love him or hate him for stealing all the attention? Glad to say that she absolutely adores him. Ziana loves to help get me his diaper, throw the diaper out, help calm him down when he cries and even clean his dirty diaper.

Now, if I wanted to stop right there, I could. I have my girl and my boy, but will I? Right after the second birth, I said “NO, hell no, not doing it!” Now that everything seems to be getting better down under, a third kid will be up for discussion.

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