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Mom Life and Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks and mom life. Being a mom is a tumultuous journey, and sometimes, the emotional waves hit hard. Anxiety attacks have become an unexpected companion, making a third appearance this year. Very scary. And yes, it’s an anxiety attack, not a panic attack.

Picture this as a storytelling session around the kitchen table, where unsettling gym stares, homework drama, and heated disagreements with the spouse become the talk of the town. Just everyday stuff that can make a mom’s heart race. And in the midst of it all, there’s a silver lining: the comforting presence of my 11 and 7-year-old kiddos, offering hugs and helping me catch my breath. So, let’s dive into these mom anxiety moments, keeping it real and relatable as we navigate the unexpected challenges of everyday life.

An Unsettling Stare-Down at the Gym: Beginning of Anxiety

I was at the gym, surrounded by the usual sounds of weights hitting the floor and chatter amongst the ladies. Going about my usual routine, a group of maintenance men entered, doing maintenance on the building. But something about the way they looked at me felt very intense, bringing back feelings of when I was sexually abused. Yup, that’s another story for another time, but I did speak about here;

I spoke to the ladies at the front desk to please have them move from where they were and they didn’t. I tried to still work through it, but fear, panic and memories were creeping up. It was strange because I get stares all the time in passing, but this was different. Tears started flowing, I walked quickly past the front desk and the tears were coming down. I couldn’t breathe. Eventually after a few minutes of nearly dying, I was able to catch a breath. The anxiety attack episode was over.

Homework Battles:

Homework time at home is typically a routine affair, but one evening, the atmosphere changed dramatically. My 11-year-old, Gunner, was tackling his math homework, and as I attempted to guide him through a challenging problem, frustration took over. Gunner, not one to handle being wrong gracefully, erupted into a sudden burst of anger. The clash of emotions in the confined space of our kitchen sent a firey feeling in me. Helping with homework became a daunting task, turning our usual routine into a stormy affair that left us both emotionally drained and me gasping for air once again.

Spousal Disagreements

In the realm of domestic life, disagreements are inevitable. One evening, a disagreement with my spouse escalated into a full-blown argument. The tension, the raised voices, and the emotional intensity led to my third anxiety attack. What I didn’t anticipate was the impact it had on my children, who, sensing the emotional turbulence, rushed to my side. In the midst of the storm, their comforting presence became a lifeline, helping me breathe through the anxiety attack.

It’s remarkable how my children, aged 11 and 7, have become my anchors during moments of anxiety. Whether it’s a gym confrontation, a homework explosion, or a domestic dispute, they instinctively come to my aid. Their innocent yet profound act of gathering around me, offering hugs and encouraging deep breaths, creates a sanctuary amidst the chaos. In these moments, their empathy shines through, reminding me that even in the most turbulent times, the love and support of family can help weather the storms of anxiety.

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