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Modern Farmhouse Living Room

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modern farmhouse ideas.

Being a gemini I’m constantly having all these ideas and projects just cross my mind at once. So, when the cold wintery days were behind us here in New York, my mind got triggered and I thought it was time to change up the living room! This is now the third time I’ve spruced up the living room by changing certain things in there to make it new, make it look refreshed. I still love farmhouse decor, so you know I’m going to continue with that theme.

Ideas to remodel home

Perfect curtains to lighten up your living room.

Changing curtains and what to look for:

Now, I loved my mad for plaid window curtains, but it wasn’t giving me the same happiness once the tree was gone. I knew I wanted white curtains– white brightens up a room, makes it look clean and refreshed (I love that word). However, wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to go with textured, sheer or with what I ultimately bought, LACE!

I have a few tips when picking out a curtains, or really anything from Amazon. It’s important to make a list or add items to your cart, so you can go back and forth with comparing the different items. Since I was going for curtains a must is measure your window frame! My NYC apartment living room has a big window frame, so I decided to get measurements of 54″ width per panel, which gives me the layered look.

Next, you need to decide if you want long or short window curtains and then how long or how short. I love the ‘draped on the floor’ look so I went with 96″ height which sweeps across the floor effortlessly. Something else I needed was a new curtain rod since the kids broke the last one. I love the industrial look, so I was looking for industrial inspired curtain rods, which goes with my farmhouse look, and found this beauty! It compliments my living room perfectly for a great price. Another plus was that the rod can be adjusted to fit your window; up to 84″inches.

farmhouse living room

More ideas to spruce up the living room

When I had my boyfriend put up the industrial curtain rod and window curtains, there was something missing. I quickly bought a ‘Hanging Vine Garland’to wrap around the top of the window on the curtain rod and what a difference it made! Also made sure to change out the pink flowers I had in my galvanized lantern candle holder and placed ‘Boxwood Ball Plants
‘. I also took the small-sized plants from my bedroom and placed them on the window shelf for more greenery.

Affordable ways to spruce up your living room

I don’t know about you, but I love pillows everywhere– on the couch, on the floor, in a basket, wherever, but, pillows get expensive. So in order to go along with the seasons I buy new throw pillow covers– cheaper than buying a whole new pillow each time. I love the geometric design so finding this set of 4 pillow covers for $30 was a win.

For more on what I had my eye on and purchased check out my Amazon store;

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    Jun 28, 2018 at 7:00 am

    What a difference some fresh new curtains and new pillow colors make. Love it!! Xox

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