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My daughter is a GENIUS! Everyone thinks their child is the cutest and smartest, haha. In recent weeks Ziana has made small milestones which to a parent if you’re one is exciting! So here’s an update on all her new milestones within the recent weeks.

First things first, our little hungry hippo turned 5 months on Friday!! we did a very small shoot and I got a couple good ones. Here is one…


Now rewinding about three weeks ago when she was still 4.5 months-old, she started holding her own bottle and started to imitate giving kisses! I recorded and took pictures to share 🙂

Here is the kissing video of her mimicking her dad and I.

Then out of nowhere she just started holding her own bottle like a BOSS!

20121111-191823.jpg It was a hard task to tackle so she zoned out from time to time, haha.

Along with her new skills we took her to Gymboree to see what it was all about. The first class is free so parents can see what their all about.





We went to the Forest Hills site and it was very small. Also the downstairs that we went to was kind of dirty, at least the mat was. The class for her age group helped all the babies to explore their senses along by helping with visual and auditory development, we sang songs with them and more. The songs they sang were hard! At home I butcher all kinds of songs by changing the words because I don’t know them. I never cared about knowing the words until I was put on the spot with “This Little Piggy,” “Where Is Thumpkin,” “E-I-E-I-O,” and “Old McDonald.” I always knew “this little piggy went to the market and the last one went weeeee all the way home,” that was all! Never bothered to know what happened to the other piggies in between, haha. Who knew sing-a-long children songs could be so difficult. I need to ask my sister-in-law to give me a crash course in that department.

What can I say? I was deprived when it came to the American culture. My boyfriend laughed at me and said my mom was to blame. I agreed! Or was it the school systems fault??? Isn’t kindergarten suppose to teach you these important milestones in your life? I grilled my mother for some answers and I was given them. She said that he did sing me sing-a-long songs, but all in Spanish. And I don’t know them either, go figure!

When having a kid it’s not trying to figure out how to make bottles or change diapers. That’s easy. What a parent should be learning in those baby books are songs and funny faces. Maybe I shall become an author? 🙂

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