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May The ‘Real’ Barbie Please Stand Up?

Aren’t we all a bit obsessed with weight? We may be skinny and ‘perfect’ just like society wants, but we still find something wrong with ourselves. Ever wonder where that feeling of wanting to be skinny meant perfection?

Of course it comes from a slue of things– media, peers, family– and even the toys we played with.

For instance growing up I played with these beautiful long blonde haired, pin-thin, Caucasian dolls. You may know her as Barbie. I was obsessed! And even today they’re still a big hit with young minds.

We started seeing Barbie’s with a tint of color on their skin, dark hair and even eyes! But they were still deathly skinny. And I say deathly because her proportions are all out of whack!


Artist Nickolay Lamm has taken the brave step in creating a ‘real’ Barbie! You know a Barbie that looks like an average girl with height and weight. Great idea!


“If Barbie looks good as an average woman and even there’s a small chance of Barbie influencing young girls, why can’t we come out with an average sized doll?” Lamm told TIME. “Average is beautiful.”

My sentiments exactly Lamm!

Who would you rather purchase?


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