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Making The Most Out of Bathtime

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A few weeks back I attended a Johnson and Johnson event where they showed us the science behind the importance of bathtime. At the time of reading what the event was going to be about I didn’t know what they meant and didn’t understand that there could be science behind bathtimes. Johnson and Johnson’s have a new global campaign called SO MUCH MORE spotlighting why bathtime can be so much more than you think.

The findings were incredible! You don’t really think about bathtime as being a social, emotional, or even physical task you can accomplish during bathtime. Of course, I always talk to my daughter, play with her toys in the tub and this is hwere she’s grown a love for water, but if you think about how much development you can accomplish while there it is mind blowing. Your gentle, loving touch during the baby’s bath and cuddle time afterward supports your baby’s healthy happy development. In fact, research shows that your touch promotes healthy social-emotional development and enhances your baby’s motor skills. This is something I always do after her bathtime is have her lay with me while in one of her Princess towels and gently massage her back and arms.

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Bath toys are my favorite and don’t just look at them as just toys, but these toys can show her what floating is, what splashing is, cause and effect of bouncing it off the wall, or it falling out the tub. What I stress to every parent is talk to your child about everything! They probably won’t understand what you’re saying, but they watch your mouth as you speak, listen to how you enunciate words and that will help in their language later on. Now sure, you can do this outside of the bath, but how many times outside of the bath are you giving your 100% undivided attention to your child? We are all guilty of multi-tasking and getting things done quickly so sometimes we miss the opportunity to fuel their minds. Plus, during bathtime you shouldn’t be leaving your child alone so this is why Johnson and Johnson stress making the most of bathtime.

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Make bathtime fun and educational by offering your baby a variety of toys so she can explore and discover with her hands. That week I attended the Johnson and Johnson event I quickly made a pit stop to Toys R Us and picked up these foam letters and numbers 36-piece set. What better way to teach your kid letters and numbers while in the bath? A fun game I made up with the foam letters and numbers was to divide the numbers to one side and the letters to another side. Easy? Yet hard and different then just showing them what letter is what.

Bathtime also makes for a great time to talk about your child’s different body parts. Ziana actually has fun trying to wash herself and even enjoys the shower head for washing her hair. Here she’s obviously learning not only her body parts, but also a bit more independence.

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