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Makeup Faux Pas

Some people like clowns, others are deathly afraid of them and others want to look like them. I love makeup and all the unnecessary crap they have out there. One of my favorite items to always buy are lipsticks and lip glosses. I’m all for new colors and textures, BUT sometimes people cross that line of “WHAT THE HELL?!?”

The other day while I was watching Bethenny one of the audience members stood up and I was laughing in confusion–

20131116-135439.jpg Makeup faux pas!!

Who in their sane mind thinks that this is a new movement to making a statement? Anyone? And it’s sad to know this girl has absolutely no TRUE friends…


Okay, sure maybe in photo shoots this is acceptable, but that’s really the only acceptance. Whats worse is that the color doesn’t even look good with their complexion. I feel as if people are so eager in being a trendsetter that they’ll do anything to be that person and 95% they look like a dang fool. Example–


And the person you have to credit for this level of stupidity is some ex-stripper. Who would really trust a stripper? What you can do is look at reputable companies like Maybelline, Revlon, Avon, Chanel– are they participating in this foolish movement? Then that’s your answer!

You’re welcome!


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