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Kissing My Kids on the Lips

kissing kids on lips bad

We can’t help but instantly fall in love, want to coddle and smother our babies in kisses, but many of our actions could raise such uproar and can be deathly dangerous. I’m the first to proudly and unapologetically say that I kiss my kids on the lips and make-out with their cheeks. I can’t help, but smother them everyday and grab them to lay one on them. I remember growing up and doing the same to my parents– until it got weird.

When does it go too far? Should you kiss a baby? Your toddlers? Teenagers?

Kissing a child is sexual?

Not sure how old I was when I made the decision to stop that kind of affection, but I do remember standing in the kitchen and as my dad was going for one I backed up and said, “no more on the lips.” My parents didn’t argue or ask questions they just knew that it would happen one day and said okay. As a toddler I never saw anything wrong with it and still don’t. I basically kissed my kids right out the womb and sure many of you are on the same boat as me. There’s nothing sweeter than your kids saying “I Love You” or running to you to squeeze you to death and smack one on you. But, something I can’t stand are those annoying parents who are disgusted and applauded that you would do such a thing to your own flesh and blood? Nothing more obnoxious than a know-it-all parent. I’m all for discussing our disagreements, but don’t attack me as if I’m the she-devil. As if it’s a sexual act that I’m giving my child positive affection that will hopefully build them up to be a loving, caring and affectionate partner in the future.

Now, I’m not doing it just to build them up for that in the future, but it does help. Lord knows the lack of affection my parents gave me has seriously affected how I treat others in relationships, but that’s a topic for a different day…

As much as I kiss my kids on the lips, I do get your concern– we have germs. It’s one thing having mom and dad kissing their babies smack on the lips, but what about friends and family? I admit although I don’t let friends or strangers kiss my kids, I do allow grandparents and certain family member to spread their “germs.” Again, I know! I never thought much of it until I started reading more about how terrible and even deathly it could be for your baby.

When not to kiss your child on the lips…

Babies are not fully developed and can’t fight off bacteria easily so when it comes to your folks kissing newborn babies on the lips I’m in 110% agreement with not allowing them to do so. When their babies I don’t know how anyone would think it’s okay to spread their wet-nasty-tooth-decaying-herpes-mouth on my child, but there’s always that ONE person! So as obvious as it is, please do make a mention of it to everyone who will be around your baby. After their baby days then do as you please!

How old is to old to still kiss you child on the lips?

Now, Ziana (5-years-old) is at the age that she should stop kissing anyone who isn’t her mommy or daddy and we tried it before, but were unsuccessful. I just don’t want her going around kissing everyone which she has tried doing. I want her to eventually understand that a kiss eventually comes to mean so much more and she should save her kisses for when she gets older. Also after a certain age– like a teenager- it does get awkward if she continues to kiss her grandparents or me on the lips. Yes, there are those people who as 40 year olds still lock lips with their dad or mom!

My thoughts? Do what you want– kiss them on the lips, don’t use tongue. Don’t let others kiss them on the lips– or least until a certain age. Don’t pressure them to continue kissing you when they aren’t comfortable anymore. And kissing your parents on the lips as an adult is gross!

What are your thoughts?

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