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Kim Kardashian & Pregnancy Mistakes

I don’t think anyone really likes the KarTRASHian, sorry I meant Kardashian family–Freudian slip. We love to hate them (most of them) because their so easy to hate. Who actually likes self-absorbed, money-grubbing pimps?

Yes pimps.

In any case, that’s not what this post is about. We’ve all seen how much Kim Kardashian is OBSESSED with plastic surgery; Botox, lip-injection, breast augmentation and maybe some booty shots (which is debatable). And many would think that during her pregnancy she would stop getting plastic surgery and those famous tans she’s known to get.

Not Kim though!

This girl is deeply insecure in her own skin and body that she continues to get procedures done and much more.

Lets start with her lip-injections–

According toDebra Price
“Pregnant patients and patients who are breastfeeding or have a history of keloids or severe allergies are not candidates for lip enhancement with fillers.”

Although not many studies have been done to prove if this effects the baby,
Kim knows that its a possibility, but she’s to vain to care about a baby, much more her own baby.

This isn’t an important factor in life when you’re carrying a child!

Next, Kim gets spray tanned constantly as if she’s competing with Spray Tan Mom. This is something else that may easily get to the fetus, not many studies have been done. Dr. Simon Ourian asked, “Everything a pregnant woman puts in her body can get to the baby. There’s one simple rule: Would I spray tan my 2-month-old baby? If you don’t think you would, don’t do it to yourself either.” Well duh! Actually I shouldn’t say duh because the less fortunate who weren’t born with a brain wouldn’t know (ahem).


Following with Kim Kardashian’s already ridiculous ways there’s more! There have been a few reports that the gel wraps that just about everyone in the world is getting may pose a risk of skin cancer. This may be due to the UV exposure your hands get when they dry the gel. Even though you don’t get exposed to the UV exposure for a long period it’s still a cause for concern.

Again, not something you have to or need to do when carrying YOUR OWN CHILD. But yet again, Kim doesn’t care.

What a list! Oh, but we aren’t done, are we ever with the KarTRASHians oops, dang another slip– Kardashians. There’s just one more I have.

I love heels and before I got pregnant I wore heels everywhere (about 95% of the time). Once I was 5 months pregnant and was showing I stopped wearing heels. As much as I dreaded wearing flats (because they aren’t always sexy) I made the conscious decision to do so. Heels are dangerous– we can fall, trip or tumble which is fine, embarrassing yes, but fine. However, when you’re pregnant you have to protect the child so a fall, trip or tumble can cause a danger to the child.

Does that mean anything to Kimmy? Nope. Not a slither.

Talk about mother of the year.

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  • Reply
    Jun 13, 2013 at 5:02 am

    I thought her lips, breasts etc got bigger because of her pregnancy?
    I actually know people that swell all over the body while pregnant. I mean I can see why people may think she had plastic surgery but maybe it’s not true. She is dumb to do Botox and have injections because she is beautiful- she doesn’t need it. It’s very easy to hate her. And she is extremely shallow and prissy. Not my kind of chick but it is what it is.

    • Reply
      Jun 13, 2013 at 2:41 pm

      No she definitely had it done. She is too vain to just stop because shes pregnant. Kim started plastic surgery before her pregnancy and can’t stop. I don’t know why she needed it from the beginning but that’s Hollywood.

  • Reply
    Rebecca clowes
    Jun 7, 2013 at 1:58 am

    Good article!

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