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Kids Need to be Kids Again

Who knew that when I got older and left my teeny-bopper and high-school years I’d be at that age when I’d say, “What is wrong with these kids today!?”

I’m only 26-years-old and I already feel old because I said those words! It’s from the things they say, to how rude they are to how they dress. Back when I was growing up yes I listened to rap and hip-hop because that’s what I was put on to by older brother, but I didn’t know what more than half those words meant. I didn’t take their words as bible and try to imitate whatever they said in a song. I also wasn’t worried about looks or appealing to boys in a sexy way. I dressed in baggy clothes, put my hair in a ponytail and was out the door without looking at myself in the mirror more than once. I was a straight geek! And had I known my blog post was going to be on this subject I would’ve put up some photos of me.


When I was 8- I looked 8, when I was 10- I looked 10, when I was 13 I looked like I was 13– innocent and just worried about whether I was going to be able to ride my bike or go to the park. I didn’t care about being sexy even though television and magazines were insinuating showing skin was sexy. Eventually, I caved in and wanted to be imitate these girls on tv, but never did. My parents would never allow me to walk out the house in a mini-skirt, heels, and makeup with cleavage showing.


Now girls 8, 10, 12, and so on emulate every single thing their favorite artist is doing, down to what they dress and say. These “celebrities” want to say they’re not role models and didn’t sign up to be a role model, oh but they are. And the worst is when they say– “it’s the parents job.” Without a doubt it’s our job, but it’s also their job being in the public eye to help in not distructing the youth.

Last week there was some controversy with Miley Cyrus’ sister who was celebrating her 13th birthday at a nightclub. These days parents raise their children to be equals as them and have out of control kids that I wasn’t really surprised, yet I still need to speak my mind. This is what Noah Cyrus was wearing…


Nothing dreadfully awful and distasteful, but who would’ve known that this little girl was actually a little girl. She should be having a sleepover playing with her Barbie’s and playing pin the donkey not going to a club for adults. Am I right or wrong?

Then there’s the music that’s on the radio. Everyone speaks about smoking and rolling up or getting drunk. I think we’ve as a society have become somewhat acceptable of that as long as their older then 18 years old. What I’m not okay with is how these rappers are promoting people to take such a harmful drug– Molly (form of ecstasy in a pill form). For instance, Lil Wayne, on Nicki Minaj’s “Roman Reloaded”
“Pop a Molly, smoke a blunt. That mean I’m a high roller.”


I had mentioned on my Twitter (@PeruvianConnect) that the FCC needs to step in and regulate what plays on the radios stations. One person had the audacity to say that there wasn’t any need for that– music is an art form. Since when was promoting drugs and violence an art form? Now don’t get me wrong I listen to these songs and may like a few of them. I’m not saying to completely get rid of hip-hop! I love hip-hop, but it shouldn’t be allowed on the radio. Point blank.

I just hope that if there’s any parents or parents-to-be out there reading this consider that one should be a parent and regulate their children instead of trying to be their friends. Don’t let the media raise your children.

Just something I had to get off my chest–

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