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Kid’s Hairstyle (Halloween)

beautiful baby girl

If you’re ready for Halloween as we are you know that your child has to have the perfect costume, accessories and hairstyle. Here is a hairstyle I did on Ziana to perhaps wear when she’s up and about trick-a-treating. Partnered with Johnson’s Baby I’m bringing you an “Enchanting Look.”

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babys hairstyle

Double Twist Braid
• Part hair down the middle.
• Part off two squared sections on both sides on the top of
the head.

easy girls hairstyle
• Create a braid on the left side and secure with elastic.
• Repeat the braid on the opposite side and secure with elastic.
• Take the two braids and join them together in the back of the
head with an elastic.
johnsons baby

• Take off the previous two elastics leaving a small ponytail.
• Now take two small sections of hair from underneath each ear
and braid them all the way down.

braided hair (It’s hard to tell, but there are two braids under-)
• Next start a Dutch braid incorporating the two small braids
and tuck the braid you created inside the Dutch braid.\

• Secure Dutch braid with a hair tie.
• Accessorize the braid with flowers.

how to do girls hair

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