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Kids Fall and Winter Clothing Haul

fall winter clothing haul

fall winter clothing haul

The only good to come from Fall and Winter weather are the warm and stylish clothing. Sweater weather comes in full force and although we may have enough of it we get new pieces every year. I’m pretty sure I’m done with filling out my closet of more clothes that won’t fit, so it’s only right to move on to the kids. Whether it’s shopping for myself or the kids– I love it just the same! When I get the kids clothes I always like to go up a size– so if Z is 4T, I’ll get a 5T so it’ll fit for a longer period time and for Gunner (being 8 months) I get 9-12months even though it’s a tad big on him.

I did a little runway video with Z where she showcased all her new pieces mixed with older pieces and I for sure didn’t do that with Gunner because– well– he’s a baby and you know how that goes. Enjoy, subscribe, thumbs up and share amigos!

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