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Keep Your Child Warm and Safe in a Car Seat During Winter

winter car seat safety

When I first had Ziana two and a half years ago I did a lot of reading on parenting, safety, food tips and so on. I remember coming across an article regarding safety in car seats during the wintery days. At first, I didn’t know what that meant until I read more and did my own research. We all hate the cold or at least most of us do and we don’t want our precious little mini-me’s to suffer in that cold so we layer and layer, put on snow suits and a nice fluffy winter jacket. Now, that’s all great, BUT what do you do once you have to put them in the car seat? Do you put the harness over the coat? Some of us do and I use to too, until I read the risk factors.

First things first, winter coats should not be worn underneath the harness of ANY car seat! By putting the harness over the winter coat it acts as a barrier and does not protect your child. The fluff which seemingly keeps the child warm actually will compress and the straps wont be as tight and become loose which will result in injury. Even all the extra stuff many of us parents buy as padded covers for the shoulders, head/body support and such is a no-no. Anything that did not come in the car seat out the box is not a good idea. As The Car Seat Lady explains that manufacturers have rigorous standards they must meet and not to mention all car seats are crash tested!

The Car Seat Lady dares you to try an experiment on how fluff changes the way the care seat straps fit your child-
1. Buckle your child in the car seat WITH their heavy fluffy coat/snowsuit. Strap them in and tighten the straps.
2. Now unbuckle your child without loosening the straps and remove your child.
3. Remove the fluffy coat from your child and put your child back into the car seat.
See how much room there is between your child and the harness?

For more great information on all this fluff talk check out The Car Seat Lady.

Also, make sure to watch my video on how to properly put your child into their car seat–

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