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What an eventful weekend! It started off early Saturday morning with my headshot shoot in Cranbury, New Jersey (photos coming soon) and ended with a night at Katra Lounge to watch some films.

I was invited by my good friend/artist Genesis Be. All I was told was that Katra Lounge was going to première a film. I was exhausted, yet without hesitation I said I would go. Something told me to go and I’m so happy I did!

It wasn’t just one film that premiered it was a whole bunch of short films. They were all amazing! Remind you that these are all college students. The quality, effort, and dialogue of each film was shocking. Shocking because I didn’t know how remarkable students could be, haha. I forgot, I’m sorry!

The man who brought all the talented directors together for the Katra Film Series is none other than a director/producer/writer himself, Geoffrey Guerrero. This man alone is killing the game just check his credentials:

• 2006 Semi-Finalist Film Your Issue Competition (
• 2007 Best Short Film “On The Edge” Award HBO NY Latino Film Festival
• 2007 Official Selection Long Island Latino International Film Festival
• 2008 Best Short Film Vine Shorts Film Festival



Thankfully, for all of you who missed Saturdays event no need to worry and panic! Katra Film Series is held every other Saturday (217 Bowery Street, New York, NY) the next one being held December 15th at 9PM, which will be a special event. Special because on top of screening new films there will also be live musical performances and the event will help raise money for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Don’t worry such a great event doesn’t burn your pockets. Just $10 bucks and you’re in for a great start to your weekend 🙂

20121203-022238.jpg Genesis and Me

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