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I Felt Like My Vagina Died…


“We have sex like Kenyan marathon runners.”

This is what starlet Olivia Wilde said about her sex life with Jason Sudeikis in a series of monologues hosted by Glamour Magazine. Now I don’t even know why she would say this. Don’t get me wrong I love talking about sex and have got into every naughty/dirty detail with my girlfriends, but when you’re in a serious relationship no one should know your business.

Many women are backstabbing-jealous-creatures. I never had an issue with female friends because I always got feelings about what kind of person someone was. Yet many women go through this all the time that jealous friend who wants everything they have. So say you’re talking about how great your man is in bed, all the positions you guys do and how big he is. That home-wrecking-whore will want to try that! So be careful who you not only have in your circle, but who you tell your most intimate secrets to.

Not only do I see this being a mistake for Olivia Wilde, but also that she’s talking about how great her relationship is. Now what happens when you guys break up? How foolish are you going to feel? I never really openly spoke about how smitten I was with a guy because I never knew what was going to happen the next day or two. I never wanted to seem foolish for having had so much faith in a guy and have it not work out. I of course gushed about how hot I was for a guy to my friends, but never on any social media outlet.


“I felt like my vagina died.”

That’s what she said about the marriage of her ex-husband Tao Ruspoli. It’s funny and blunt, yet very heartless and unfair. Olivia goes on to say “You can lie to your relatives at Christmas dinner and tell them everything on the home front is just peachy. But you cannot lie to your vagina.” In all honesty I agree with her. A woman shouldn’t lie to themselves much less their vagina, but she shouldn’t have said it was with her ex-husband. After a break up us women usually want to bash our ex’s and then start airing out all the dirty laundry, but we really shouldn’t. Remember that they know our dirty little secrets too.

*Story in which I got my information was The Inquisitr *

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