How To Get A Job 101


Looking for a job is very difficult once you’re over the age of about 21. When u was in middle school, high school and college it was so easy to find a job. I never prepped long for an interview I simply charmed them and got the job. Once I got out of college and finished my internship in Maryland I was so not ready for the real world of interviews! It was definitely a wake up call that my looks and charms weren’t going to get me a job on the spot.

Besides my charm intact I had a professional résumé and dressed the part. Many people don’t know the crucial points on how to kill an interview. Now I’m not saying I’m an expert, but with some guidance you’ll be better aware of how to knock ’em dead.


I found this great iPhone app called “Get A Job” that show videos on how to create your résumé, prepare for an interview, acing the interview, making an impression and sealing the deal. Each of those chapters have about 4-6 videos on just small tips which are extremely helpful! Basically how to kiss some tushy, haha.

Don’t have an iPhone? Fear not my loves they have a YouTube Channel just search DocstocTV. You’ll have to search through their videos a bit, but they’re there.

The seven key tips I can personally give you are:
1. Have a professional résumé! There are a ton of different ones pick one.
2. Have a cover letter. This isn’t Mickey D’s anymore where it’s just filling out their application.
3. It’s even crazy that I have to mention this, but dress up people! Don’t go in baggy clothes or hats. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people walk in like that.
4. Be enthusiastic! Charm comes in handy here.
5. Before going to the interview read as much as you can on the company and make sure to have a few questions to ask them.
6. Write a thank you letter after the interview.
7. Follow up after that so you’re still on the managers mind. I did this with the social worker position for three months and my then boss finally gave me the job. Just don’t be annoying! I called once a month.

I can’t wait to go back into the job field at Latina Magazine or Parent Magazine or People Magazine and use all these tips 🙂

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