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I’m not technological person at all, but it’s very cool when inventors come out with the next best thing. Although, I still believe at times technology takes away from the good old times where everything wasn’t so easy and the struggle was appreciated later in life– technology today is amazing!


For instance, Vuzix and google are teaming up to bring the most innovative piece of technology that even gives the devil the chills. Yup, that’s how dope it is.

It’s called M100 Smart Glasses. As Vuzix states on their website about their other glasses, “now you can look cool while enjoying the big-screen movie experience in your own personal theater – anytime, anywhere. And with a range of accessories to choose from, you can customize your Wrap or iWear for a truly unique experience.”

In laymen terms– they have built a Bluetooth/Wifi headpiece with a built-in camera floating eyepiece displaying just about anything. It would be just like the size your phone screen is now making it seem like it’s farther away so it’s not right in your eye. Very cool!

These are expected to make a splash in the summer of 2013, retailing at about $500 or less.


This is the iCade mobile. As you can clearly see from the above photo you place your iPhone/iTouch inside this block and you can play your video games. The game controller has the four buttons facing the front, 4-way directional pad and shoulder buttons.

You can buy this for only about $40-$50 depending where you find it and be a technological savvy gamer.

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