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Get Kids Active in Any Type of Sports

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You should all know by now that the boyfriend is a runner and not just any runner, but an exceptional one. You name it he’s probably run it– full marathons, half-marathons, track meets and everything in between. It’s a sport he’s done since high-school and found his passion for it again a few years back. As much as I hassle him for all the runs he does that sometimes interferes with our plans I’m super proud that it’s something he loves and especially something I love my kids to look up to.

Finding out about track meets and run

Ziana has showed some interested throughout the years of wanting to run. Two years ago she ran in a small race which was literally half of the block and she loved it. We were finally able to find another race for her to compete in because it’s not easy to locate races, you literally need to have your ears to the street. Thankfully, I have the boyfriend’s ears out there.

First I’ll give you two ways to find some meets in your area, then I’ll break down how you as a parent can help your kid on the right track of a healthier lifestyle.

One website you definitely need to check out is the website. From there follow these steps:
2- On the right side click on “Advanced Search”
3- Enter information and parameters for your state meaning there might be different regions inside your state

Also, on the website you can find coaches and clubs under the “Resources for…” tab.

Another website that can help with not just finding tracking meets, but also swim meets is Direct Athletics now they don’t have many youth events, but they do have them. You’ll definitely find something if your child is in high-school or college.

Ways to get your kids active

I’ve said it before it’s super important to get these kids out there and active in sports not just to keep them busy, but to keep them healthy too. The interest to want to be active or be involved in sports starts at home.

I’m not an active person at all– I hate to be hot, hate to run and I hate sweat, but my kids don’t know that. All they know is mommy does videos and goes to parties, while daddy runs and does sports with them. However I’m always there cheering them on and encouraging them no matter how much sweat is running off my nose. I try my best to never shine negative light on things I’m not crazy about.

Something else I really try to do, but sometimes fail is to walk more places than drive. That doesn’t mean I’m going to walk 10 miles for 30 minutes, but a walk to close stores near you or around your neighborhood hunting for insects and such is a great motivator to get them up and about. They’ll get use to it and not even know they’re actually exercising.

Lately, Ziana has been making her way to the skate park with her scooter. That’s not the traditional sports we’re all use to, but it definitely is a sport. Your kids might not want anything “traditional,” but maybe skating, biking, surfing or even dancing is something that will interest them. Many schools offer PE classes and other extracurricular activities so make sure to ask what’s available. If not, ask for recommendations or surf the web; and type in– ‘YOUR STATE’>Youth Track & Field Meet — or any other sport you’re into.

Birthdays or holidays coming up? Instead of getting another toy that they’ll get sick of buy them something like a baseball bat, volleyball, rollerblades etc. They might not know how to use them or care for it at first, but it will peak their interest and possibly develop a new skill. I highly recommend the Arya Ball which is 5 games in one ball and bat.

How do you keep your kids active? What will you be changing?

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