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Gaming Family: DS Mario Party Star Rush

**New Nintendo 3DS XL and Mario Party Star Rush game were provided by Nintendo for a review. All opinions are my own**

mario kart star rush

OMG! We’ve been having so much fun playing Mario Party Star Rush, the newest release in the Mario Party gaming series! I will admit, I was a tiny bit apprehensive when we first received the game. I don’t normally dive into a game and find myself WANTING to keep playing it- over…and over…and over again. It was a great way to spend time with my daughter believe it or not. We enjoyed passing the New Nintendo 3DS XL back and forth while we took on the many mini games Star Rush had to offer. Challenging each other with scores, wins and mommy daughter bragging rights. I was really impressed how easy the mini games were to pick up for both her and I. There was a good mix of button games and games that utilized the consoles stylus. As a bonus, it was exciting grabbing our favorite amiibo’s and bringing them into the game. When we went into our collection it was obvious I would be Princess Peach, but instead of bartering with Ziana on who would be Peach, Ziana quickly grabbed to Rosalina- so much I never got to try! She’s really become the house favorite for her ‘out of this world’ cuteness (Super Mario Galaxy reference).

When you start up the game, there aren’t any modes unlocked except the default mini games and Toad’s Scramble. Forcing you to put in the wins in order to journey through all the secrets the game has to offer. Toad’s Scramble is the classic Mario Party board game style world, but this time you travel the worlds as the various colored Toads. Inside the game you have the chance to band together with the many Nintendo character allies like Mario, Diddy Kong, Yoshi, Wario and more! Acquiring each ally gives you an added advantage in both the rolls and mini games; they can also affect your progress. In the beginning when you’re choosing your Toad you have the ability to use your amiibo characters and start the game off with an ally and an immediate advantage (not to mention other players can not steal that ally)! Each character brings their own secret item to the bag at the start of game. All of ours unfortunately only start with two blocks. No secret tips, tricks or easter eggs here.

In the short time we got to play the game over holiday break, we did manage to to rack up enough points between my daughter, boyfriend and myself to make it to Level 10. At this point, level 10 you’ve unlocked various new game modes with their own little adventures and achievements inside, keeping the excitement alive and everyone pushing forward further and further into the progress of the game. Find yourself chasing new characters, new enemies, new allies and new records! Fun game modes like Challenge Tower, Mario Shuffle, Balloon Bash and more.

Having a cool little gaming party? Mario Party Star Rush has multiplayer options! Whether you have the game or not, everyone can get in on the action!

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