Following My Dreams

After high-school I went to college and graduated as you’re suppose to do. Get a degree and get a job right after– or so they want you to believe. However, once we’ve accomplished all that we find out the reality– you’re the school’s financial b#!*h for the next 10-20 years and finding a job? Well that’s a job in it itself.

I absolutely regret having gone to school for criminal justice and wish I would’ve been as brave as Jennifer Lopez who said “screw it,” when her parents didn’t support her passion. But many of us are scared of the unknown and that would be me.


My parents don’t believe the acting/music industry is really a career. It happens, but why waste life on a dream? No support whatsoever.

A few weeks ago I spoke to my sister-in-law who told me she was going back to school to be a nurse. I was contemplating that career as well since their always needed, have good schedules and get paid! But then I thought, why am I falling the same footsteps as before? Playing it safe than actually following my dreams?

So I decided if I was going to waste my money on nursing school, why not “waste” it on something I actually want to do? I’ve taken acting classes before, but since their so expensive I can’t constantly take them.


Last night, I attended a free sample class at Weist-Barron in Manhattan which was referred to me by an actor-friend Laura Aguinaga. I took the “On-Camera Commercials” class with Jerry Coyle and came out enjoying it. All 8 of us read the same commercial, practiced our slates and were recorded then critiqued. I learned how to go about reading the commercial, how to break it down, and so much more. Also that although my pronunciation and personality show I need to learn to read slow, haha. Sometimes I’m a fast talker I run through things.


Sure, the 6-week course may cost a few pretty pennies I think it’s worth trying to fight for your dreams. I’m tired of seeing everyone around me being happy when I’m far from it. Wouldn’t you say?

I hope I knocked someone on their heads to do the same 🙂



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