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christian siriano fragrance

Fashion week is like heaven on earth for many! For me, it’s exciting, nerve-wrecking and overwhelming! I was honored to attend two great events with my gal pal Lillie Morales of Jersey Fashionista during the week; Christian Siriano’s fragrance launch and A Moi spring 2015 collection.

The fragrance inspiration called “Silhouette” comes one of Christian Siriano’s designs, a fabulous blue tulle dress (which you will see below) from the Spring 2013 collection with the look of seemingly weightless fabric and the floating layers of airy tulle that give it a youthful feel. The fragrance emulates the way Christian was able to create something that was timeless and classic but still had a unique modern signature. The fragrance was delicious! I honestly believe that this fragrance can compliment the body chemistry of every woman.

coco rocha

silhoutte fragrance

What’s even greater is that the full Silhouette product range will launch this fall with new online beauty retailer, BEAUTYKIND. BEAUTYKIND will sell the brands consumers already love and donate 5% of sales to the cause of the customer’s choice, whether it be a national or local cause. An additional 5% will be added as beauty points to the customer’s loyalty account which can later be redeemed for samples, full product, or as an additional donation to a cause.Love this and love that Christian Siriano is helping the less fortunate.

fashion week

I once was that girl who didn’t understand fashion– it was confusing, I wasn’t part of that world. Last year is when I actually looked fashion in it’s bold patterned designs and said “I want to get you!” Slowly, I’ve been getting it and loving fashion. I’m honestly so close to breathing it! Again, I was thrilled to have been able to get to see Alejandra Alonso’s collection- A Moi spring 2015. Alonso is inspired by her ancestral past. Alonso reflects on her richly textured lineage, as seen through a kaleidoscope of family stores and events, thus naming this season’s collection Reflections.

With a summer tradition of family getaways in Biarritz, this spring’s palette references the sophistication of the majestic French landscape, combining the coastal colors of cool white, blue and navy, and naturally contrasting them with the mystical hues of the regional sunsets.

I definitely felt a 20’s kind of vibe from the building we were in “Highline Hotel” to the music to the clothing to the details (patterns, nails, hair). What’s great about the line and fashion period is that these are pieces that can be mocked and always tweaked to your style. Spring 2015 appears to be about the a-line skirts, shorts,sweaters, open toe boots, and sleek-over-sized pieces and of course the coastal colors!

alejandra alonso

a moi collection

nail art

fashion bloggerspring fashionalejandra alonsohighline hotelfashionistaspring fashionwhite fashiona moi
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fashion lifealejandra alonsospring collection


Styling by: Martha Violante
Make-up by: Aveda
Hair by: Aveda
Hair Care Product: Aveda
Nails by: Spanail

Now here are some photos we took while attending the events–

all white everything

latina magazine

latina fashionista

latina actress

fashion blogger

jersey fashionista


spring fashion

spring fashion

fashion week

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